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You have tough conversations every day.

You talk to your boss about your performance review or ask for help with projects. You talk to your peers about meeting deadlines or your clients about paying for revisions.

Do you:

  • Get too talkative or too quiet? Afterwards you beat yourself up, thinking, “Why can’t I stick to the point?” Or, “I wish I had the courage to speak up or share my ideas!”
  • Justify staying in place because you’re so much better off than most people. In the back of your mind, though, you wish you could change jobs or go for that promotion or reach out to new clients.
  • Feel embarrassed that you just can’t seem to get it together. You often think, “Why is it so easy for some people?” or “Why did he get promoted so quickly while I’ve been here for so long?”

Instead of taking action, you compromise or stay stuck.

You wish you had a better way to communicate so you could feel stronger and be seen as a confident leader or contributor.


Every day people like you make a choice to take action.

You may have felt absolute determination when you woke up this morning, saying, “Today is the day! Today I’ll talk to

  • my boss about that promotion
  • my colleague about meeting deadlines
  • my partner about doing his/her share of the work around the house
  • my friend about calling me back sooner or
  • my client about paying for revisions!”

So many important conversations you want to have but for some reason you just haven’t done it.

Something happens when you see the other person. When you pick up the phone to call them. Or when you say, “Can we talk about this?”


Suddenly your mouth goes dry, you start to sweat or you heart hammers in your chest. Maybe your stomach feels like there are a million butterflies inside or you feel like you may throw up.

If you’ve ever been in a situation like this (and I know you have or you wouldn’t be human!) then you’re in the right place.

If you’re ready to move forward in your life, take action and become the person you want to be, to get a raise or promotion, to finally tell your coworker that you can’t keep covering for her anymore or put an end to endless revisions or compromises you make to your peers or clients…

It all starts with overcoming fear so you can ASK for what you want.

Imagine if you could get what you want and build stronger, more connected and collaborative authentic relationships…what would that look like for you?

The conversations…

…with a client, who calls to ask you to do one more thing (for free) for their project?

…with a team member who pushes back on the deadline you set, the deliverables you assigned, or the scope of the project?

…with your boss, who asked you to take on a new set of responsibilities for the co-worker who just left and won’t be replaced right away?

…with a prospect who balked at your price and asked you to lower it significantly?

WHY DO I NEED TO Negotiate With Confidence?

Ask for what you want without the fear of being called too bossy or aggressive