Melissa Hereford presents a free 90 minute master class...

Three negotiation strategies to get a job you love and earn what you deserve in 2018!


Tuesday December 5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------_

At 12 Noon (that would be 3PM for those of you on the East Coast)  

Here's a BONUS video with tips on how to talk to your boss about your comp plan! 


These are the strategies you need to: 

  • Finally ask for the raise you know you deserve. 
  • Have a conversation with your boss about your career advancement. 
  • Or move to a new company so you can get a job you love. 

If you:

  • Get nervous when it’s time to negotiate  
  • Are worried that you’ll be labeled as “difficult” if you negotiate  
  • Think the job offer is “good enough” to accept and that you’re greedy if you negotiate  

Then this is a master class that you don’t want to miss!