Studies show that 8 days into the new year is when your enthusiasm for your resolutions starts to waver.

What started as excitement, a blank slate for a whole new year, quickly turns into feeling like you’ve failed…and you’re only seven days in!

Knowing this, I’m doing some things differently this year. Rather than setting resolutions, I’m thinking about things thematically: what’s making me happy and what’s not? 

One theme that I’m not happy with? My body. Surprise, those same studies show that the number one resolution: lose weight.

I intentionally stayed away from “losing weight” and other sure-to-fail New Years resolutions!

My theme is about getting back into my body: to feel what it’s telling me when I eat certain things, like too many cookies! I’m following my STOP-DROP-and-ROLL method to make a change.

When I’m doing something that makes me feel bad, I STOP to notice how I’m feeling, DROP my negative judgment against myself, and ROLL to something else. In this case, when I eat too much sugar, I roll toward making myself a cup of ginger tea to rebalance my blood sugar.

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This will take more time and the changes you want may be slower, but in the long run it will help to actually change your behavior.

One thing that does makes me happy: getting to know you better.The conversations we’ve had over the last year have profoundly changed the way I see the world.

Given that I love every single time we have a chance to interact, my theme with you is to create more “us time.” My plan is to communicate more regularly and have more conversations with you.

I’ll be emailing you more regularly and I hope you’ll reply with whatever resonates with you.

I’d love to hear what’s making you happy right now or what theme you’re going to change this year.

Warmly, Melissa


Last year around this time I wrote about my love of Peppermint Joe Joe’s ice cream from Trader Joe’s, which reminds me that my theme about my body and sugar is one that seems to be on perpetual repeat! In that post, I shared the top five New Year’s resolutions and a strategy to help you “Own It, Share It, Reframe It” so that you can make your goals fun again.

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