I recently ran a 90 minute class on Confident Communication with a team of Project Managers. We focused on how to communicate with confidence when you’re in a support role.

This is for anyone who has to deliver things to someone else on time: project managers, administrative assistants and just about everyone who has an email in your inbox asking you for something!

Support roles tend to attract people pleasers, those of us who want to provide everything that is asked for in a way that keeps everyone happy and peaceful.

At war within you is the struggle to please everyone AND manage your boundaries so that you can stay in control of your schedule.

So you can do your work well AND spend time with your family.

Have a life.

That can be a real challenge when you’re a “pleaser.” But it’s not impossible.

The important thing is knowing what words to use to maintain or create boundaries. You can philosophize all day about this, but unless you know what to say, it feels impossible (especially for “pleasers”!)

So I put together a list of resources for you.

I also have a few interviews on my VIDEOS page that are in the general topic area that you may benefit from:

  • On How Saying “NO” Starts By Identifying Your “YES”
  • On Bouncing Back From Rejection
  • On How To Uncover Your Awesomeness
  • On Why Mindset Is A Driver Of Your Success

The bottom line 
The hardest part of setting boundaries is knowing what to say. I hope you got some ideas from these resources!

Know that you are not alone. I struggle with this, too. I wrote about my own struggles here: How you can go FROM triggered TO control.

Let me know what you do to maintain boundaries so you can better control your life.


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