Yesss... Send me the salary negotiation script! 

The #1 money mistake you’re making and how to fix it 

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If you don't like to ask for more money, you're not alone.  

Only 32% of women negotiate their salary, with a whopping 68% accepting the salary they were offered. This is especially interesting when you compare it to the 48% of men who do negotiate. 

So don’t feel bad if you accepted what you were offered.  

You’re not alone!  

I didn’t negotiate my first salary because I didn’t know that I could negotiate.  

If you choose to accept what you’re offered, make it your conscious choice and not because you’re afraid to ask or didn’t know that you could ask (like me!).  

Most employers expect you to negotiate and are pleasantly surprised when you don’t.  

You can ask for more of what you want and feel great about it when you use this simple negotiation script.