For many of us, this time of year is a blur with end of year work commitments, quarterly goals and shopping. We’re busy. 

Finding a quiet moment to look back on the year feels like just another chore. 

And 2019 was exhausting. 

The endless bad news cycle makes us just want to tune out. To turn on Netflix and chill. (Unfortunately that’s not a euphemism for something more exciting than literally just turning your brain off!) 

Let’s simplify your end of year reflection into 3 simple steps to help you zone in to what matters most to you. 

Look for things you want to START doing, things you want to KEEP doing and things you want to STOP doing, like this…

In 2020: 

  • I plan to START doing this….
  • I plan to KEEP doing this….and 
  • I plan to STOP doing this….

I’m putting some focus on my inner life this year, a friend of mine calls it “Soul Setting.”  

Things you want to START-KEEP-STOP doing that relate to the state of your insides, your happiness, your gratitude and awareness of who you are. 

I plan to START a monthly game night. I’ll choose a Saturday night, set up a recurring event on my google calendar and then send it to everyone I want to invite. I’ll make it a potluck and ask everyone to help clean up so it’s easy to host. You can come or not come, we can move them if we need to, but the idea is to take a step toward something that feeds your soul.  

What do you want to do this year to feed your soul? 



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