Almost every time I tell people, “I help you negotiate to get paid what you deserve!” the response is, “I HATE TO NEGOTIATE!” 

It’s pretty universal. 

Can you guess the #1 thing people hate about it?

The fear of being told no, the fear of rejection and the fear of being seen as stupid. They may seem like three things, but are really one thing: fear based on the unknown. 

It’s hard to know what to ask for when there’s no reliable information out there to use. You can get comp data from many places, but you still worry that it’s not high enough or too high. 

So round and round you go, worried that you’ll negotiate your comp and look stupid. Knowing that you still HAVE to negotiate because hiring managers expect you to do it (and thus start lower than where they expect to end up). 

But you can’t ever shake the feeling that you’re about to really mess up your chances with this company, lose the offer or not get the job because you’re seen as “too difficult.” 

“I was embarrassed  on day 1 because i was ashamed of how the negotiation went. I needed research, real numbers, so I could feel confident asking for more. I never felt so much pressure as when i negotiated!” 

So, how would you feel if you could take some of the unknown out of your salary conversations? 

What if you could go into that comp meeting feeling confident that you know what you should be paid? 

If you’re anything like 99.9% of the people I work with, then you’re shaking your head empathically right now, “Yes, please!” 

I recently came across a company that will help you do just that…so you can know with confidence that what you’re asking for is reasonable. 

81cents will help you to be sure you’re being paid market rate by sourcing compensation data and personalized career advice from hiring managers and recruiters in relevant fields. 

This is revolutionary! 

They have advisors (real people!) to tell you what your salary should be. You fill out a bunch of information and they send it to their advisors to get you real life examples of salaries in real companies. 

To date, 81cents has helped 190+ people just like YOU to find more than $2M in additional compensation and has been featured by Forbes and ABC News.

I’m so excited to partner with 81cents to give you a discount! Use discount code MELISSA for 10% off.

Let me know if you use them and how it goes! 



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