Did you see the Lean in 2019 Women in the Workplace Study?

For the past 5 years, Lean In and McKinsey have partnered to study what is actually happening in the workplace for women. In 2019, they identified the biggest obstacle for women today is that first promotion to manager.

I’ve been fascinated by this data and am seriously focusing on helping you get your first (or next) promotion.

In fact, I recently did a podcast episode with Ask With Confidence, where we talk about “Fixing the broken rung…three things you can do today to elevate your career.”

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We talked about how to manage your career so that you get that first promotion and the next promotion and so on.

Some highlights include:

  1. Be AWARE that you have to actively manage this yourself. Many women think that if you do great work, put your nose-to-the-grindstone, that your boss will recognize and promote you. This is a MYTH! You have to actively manage your career and know how to ask for it.
  2. How you can ASK, what to say and how to say it in a way that isn’t bossy or aggressive. The secrets that you need to know to find out what’s happening behind the scenes so you can find hidden opportunities.
  3. How you can leverage your larger network of friends, peers and connections to help you find opportunities beyond what you see today. We discussed exactly what you can say to find and explore those opportunities, even for introverts and people who feel too nervous or shy to reach out.
  4. And how you can continue moving forward, even when you get a NO, and how to be sure that people will reach out to YOU when an opportunity arises.

AND you get to hear about my own path to promotion, how I started as a desktop publisher that lead me to the first rung in my ladder as a project manager that got me up to a Vice President role over 18 years!

Do you have a question about your own path to promotion that we didn’t talk about in this episode? Comment below to let me know!



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