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Who do you call when you have a situation at work and you don’t have anyone to talk to, to strategize with, to talk through your next steps? 

Who do you call when you have a situation at work that comes up and you don’t have anyone to talk to, to strategize with, to talk through your next steps? 

You can’t talk to someone at work because they’re too close to the people involved. 

And you feel like you need to show up with IDEAS, not PROBLEMS. Brainstorming feels too vulnerable, as if you should already know all the answers. 

You can’t talk to your friends because they don’t know the dynamics of your work environment or they jump to your defense instead of clearly thinking through the situation. 

You need an unbiased colleague without any strings, connections or vulnerabilities to your work. 

And unbiased friend who is a great listener, without an agenda. 

You need someone who you can trust and will ask you the right questions to help you THINK IT  THROUGH. 


  • Rise up and claim your confidence.
  • Be clear instead of vague.
  • Feel fearless rather than afraid.
  • Be self-assured rather than doubting yourself.


  • The salary you want.
  • The promotion you deserve.
  • More fulfillment out of your work, in your current job, or the next job you’re working to get.
  • Better communication with your co-workers and your boss.
  • Improved relationships in your personal life.


Melissa gave me the confidence and support I needed at the right moment. She gave me a mantra: ‘my perfect job is waiting for me’ and it was!

I have been happily employed for over 2 months now in a job I love!
Speaking to Melissa changed my mind-set to attract the perfect opportunity for ME.

– Annette L.

Executive Assistant, Asset Management


I had developed the habit of assuming what others wanted to hear and apologizing unnecessarily. Working with Melissa helped me to see how my over-apologizing was giving away my power and that I needed to not allow my fear of upsetting others to motivate me.

Now I remind myself to be mindful of my choices, and feel confident in what I am doing, without assuming where other people are coming from.

I learned to be curious, to ask rather than to jump to conclusions.

The roleplaying that we did was incredibly helpful as it prepared me for a challenging conversation with a colleague.

Working with Melissa increased my confidence and equipped me with strong communication skills to be more successful at work.

- Paula M.

Third Grade Teacher


Melissa helped me think differently about every conversation that I have at work. I feel more prepared for the negotiations I have every day with my peers, my clients, my boss and my team now.

- Firuze G.

Sr Dir of Marketing


Melissa helped me realize that the gender bias in my corporate job wasn’t just ME being overly sensitive, and I wasn’t crazy for noticing the differences.

Talking with Melissa increased my confidence because I wasn’t second guessing, it was just a fact.
That clarity helped me move past it and just accept it as something to be aware of, while also deepening my conviction that another job would suit me better because I wouldn’t feel as confined in my communication.
Melissa gave me the confidence to make a big move toward my dream, to focus on my own business (
– Genevieve M.

Founder, The Inertia Project


I was certain that I was ready for what was next in my work but I did not know exactly what that was. I had 8-years and a positive relationship with my boss that I wanted to keep whole as I was thinking about leaving.

Melissa helped me think through how to position that change with my boss so that she perceived my intention to move on as positive and I was able to keep that long term relationship intact.

Going into the conversation, I knew what the outcome was that I wanted but I needed to be purposeful in my approach and Melissa’s thoughtful questions and actively listening helped me get there.”

- Lisha Driscoll

Program Manager, Wealth Management Technology


Using the skills you taught me worked so well, and so easily, that it was almost unbelievable.

A long-standing client of mine asked me to change a certain way I communicated. Instead of getting defensive, or immediately caving in to their demands (a habit I’ve always had!), I followed what you taught me, took a deep breath, and got CURIOUS. I asked a question instead.

In the end my client told me, “Keep doing what you’ve always done!”

I am so grateful for the simplicity and efficacy of what you taught me; it’s made it possible for me to maintain my editorial (and personal!) integrity with this client, and empowered me to continue to use what you teach with my other clients. My next step is to ask my biggest client for a project increase: stay tuned!

– Ruth D.

Content Editor, Walmart eCommerce

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