Last night we were watching a movie on Amazon called Late Night. There’s a scene in the movie where a writer on the Late Night talk show asks his boss (the host of the show) for a raise.

The writer says something like this, “We’re having another baby so I think it’s time for me to get a raise.”

So many people make this CLASSIC mistake when asking for a raise!

When you think about all the reasons you want a raise, the things that come to mind are personal: I need to make more money because I’m buying a house or paying for college or I’m having another kid.

You can watch the clip and get an idea about why you NEVER want to do this.

What should you do?
Your boss may love you, but they are not given a bigger budget to pay you more because they are so excited for you to buy a house.

What they didn’t show in the clip is what Emma Thompson’s character says next, “You get a raise when you do great work and add value to me or the company. Not because you’re having another child.”

The bottom line
When you ask for a raise, your reasons should be related to your accomplishments and how you’re helping the business thrive.

Even though I didn’t love this movie, I do love Emma Thompson. Watch the clip HERE.

If you’ve ever made this mistake, hit reply and tell me what happened.


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