Let’s talk about FEAR.

It’s all around you.

You’re constantly bombarded with it.

News sources take an “imagine the future” approach, giving you the worst case scenario for everything.

  • “Here’s what could happen in North Korea..” 
  • “Here’s what the analysts are predicting….” 
  • “Here’s what the polls say…” 

And more often than not, these reports focus on potentially catastrophic outcomes.

So how do you manage your own personal fears when you’re ready to take a chance on something new?

It’s human nature to look at all the possible dangers, all the things that could go wrong. It’s what our brains do best, scanning for danger to keep us alive.

But this has a dark side, increasing your anxiety and paralyzing you. Maybe you’re holding yourself back and not taking a chance on something new.

To overcome fear, we rally around motivational slogans, the poster of a cat on a tree branch that reads, “Hang in there!” (You used to see these in corporate offices everywhere in the 80’s!)

Now, when you scroll through Instagram, it’s cat poster after cat poster of motivational posts. I do it, too, partially for you and partially to remind myself to be strong!

How do you counteract FEAR? 

What’s missing from these motivational posts? Your story of struggle.

Taking the motivational posts from cheerleader to real, authentic person who suffers and agonizes over decisions and finds it really too risky to negotiate for a higher salary when you really just need that job so you can feed your family, make your house payment, keep the lights on.

In my very first Facebook Live video, I shared how nervous I was. I want you to know that you’re not alone. You may read these emails and think I’ve got it all together, but I get nervous, too.

I have to pay the bills, too. I feel the risk in every ask that I make.

So I share this with you….check it out if you want to see 1) me admit that I’m nervous on video (and my hair was still brown, so that’s exciting) and then 2)  the chance I took when I was pregnant and wanted to go from a FT manager of a team of about 13 people to an individual contributor working 30 hour/week in a company with no precedent for PT workers.

I hope you find inspiration in my story and the confidence to take the next step!

WATCH IT HERE: Ask for what you want, even when it’s scary

Share your stories, connect with others and show your community that you took a chance and failed. That you’re not giving up, that you’ll try it a different way next time.


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