Improve your team’s Communication Skills:

WORKSHOP 1: Negotiate With Confidence – Negotiate with customers, vendors and internal team members to create long-lasting, sustainable agreements.

WORKSHOP 2: Confident Communication – A lack of confidence affects your ability to speak up, be proactive and move beyond your comfort zone when you’re asked to take on additional responsibilities. Confidence and clear communication allows your team members to reduce errors, rework, misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

WORKSHOP 3: Communication Styles  Improve the way you communicate and work more effectively with different communication styles.

Each workshop is customized to the needs of your group, both in content and delivery time.

We can design a 1/2 day, 1 day or 2 day workshop, delivered in person or virtually.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Your team can create long-term, sustainable and productive agreements based on authentic relationships.

  • How to get along with diverse team members, to be sure your voice is heard, even when you get angry or disengaged when you feel disrespected or dismissed.
  • How to find your voice when working in an environment where you feel like an outsider.
  • How to get a grip on your emotions when it’s time to ask, to challenge the status quo, to bounce back after a rejection,  or to face unexpected things people say to you that can throw you off your game.

These are skills to get ahead AND get along, even during emotionally charged conversations that have the potential to bring us together or drive us farther apart. When things go wrong, you replay the situations over and over in your mind, wishing you could do it differently next time.

But you don’t know what to do if you don’t have the skills.


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Melissa Hereford, founder of Negotiate With Confidence, brings 22+ years of speaking and training to your organization. Melissa has taught sales people, procurement and internal team members how to talk to one another (aka negotiate!) to get things done.

Melissa makes every event experiential (you learn by DOING) and fun!

After working with hundreds of sales people in Fortune 500 companies such as Hewlett-Packard, GE, Sherwin Williams, Oracle, Cisco, Owens Corning, Allergan, DuPont, and Unilever (to name a few) over 22+ years, she knows how to keep an audience engaged.

Melissa brings her own negotiation stories to the group, the failures and successes, that creates an authentic connection with and among the group.



I could listen to and learn from Melissa all day long! She tells stories and shares examples that immediately resonate and captivate. There is no question that she is a deep expert in her field yet her style is so warm and approachable. If you have a chance to have Melissa speak for your event, don’t pass it up. You and your audience will be delighted by her!

– Michelle Barry Franco,

Melissa brings warmth, expertise, and a genuine passion for helping people to her negotiation workshops. I appreciated her conscientious approach and interest in understanding the situations attendees face every day in order to provide relevant information in a relatable way.​

– Kathryn Kilner, Marketing Strategy and Innovation

Melissa spoke to a group of women at our mBolden event in San Francisco. She did a fantastic job keeping the audience engaged the entire time. I have attended many talks on negotiation, yet this was the first time I walked away with tangible advice I could immediately use. I know the rest of the women in the room were equally motivated by Melissa, they were constantly asking questions and engaging with her throughout the workshop. She did a great job answering everyone’s questions, keeping the energy up, and the conversation going. I would highly recommend Melissa for any speaking event!

– Sima Saadat, marketing professional

When Melissa presented recently at the VenturePad, it was obvious she had years of expertise training on the topic of negotiations. The insights and tools she shared were fresh and easy to pick up. It was fun, engaging, and I’ve already used her approach to successfully navigate my toughest collaborative partnerships.

– Michael Giotis, Program Director, VenturePad

Greatness in facilitation is an art and a practice. Melissa is supremely skilled at both. She is intentionally curious and dedicated to helping others share their points of view truthfully and respectfully. I have participated in a number of group discussions that Melissa has facilitated over the years, and so appreciate the way she draws people into conversations with her terrific questioning and listening skills. Her energy is engaging, warm and insightful, and she is an expert at navigating complex group dynamics to bring out a richness of information and strong participation. I highly recommend Melissa as a top notch facilitator.

– Beth Craig, Founder and Executive Consultant, Craig Communications


Melissa is an expert facilitator, teacher, coach, and consultant. She exemplifies mastery of her teaching material in the classroom and brings it to life through story telling and relatable examples. She uses the participant’s real world experiences to create a learning environment that is relevant and personal to her audience.

Melissa manages group and personality dynamics with ease, is tuned into the subtle dynamics of diverse classrooms, and ensures inclusivity by drawing even seemingly unwilling people into the shared experience. There is never a doubt that when Melissa is teaching she exceeds the clients expectations and, most importantly, her participants are provided with tools and knowledge that is immediately applicable to their real world.

– Cheryl Geoffrion, Vice President of Consulting Services, Corporate Visions

Melissa is a dynamic, engaging and authentic speaker with the unique ability to: deliver valuable content, experiential activities and immediately actionable insights; mirror back/clarify what she hears to engage everyone in the conversation, and keep a group focused while allowing space for organic fun and laughter to develop. Melissa is a consummate professional — a tremendously valuable speaker and facilitator.
– Wendy B., Principal Consultant, Corporate Visions, Inc.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Melissa Hereford on two occasions and in each experience, I was impressed with Melissa’s professionalism as a speaker, trainer and coach. Melissa is as real as it gets and her authenticity truly comes out.

Melissa Hereford recently presented a live workshop on “Negotiating with Confidence” to our Advent Women’s group. Not only did Melissa deliver extremely valuable content to the workshop attendees, Melissa was exceptional at connecting with the audience before, during and after the event. She wanted to make sure that the audience was engaged and was getting the most value out of her content. She has great follow through. Even after the workshop was over, she reached out to group with additional resources.

– Aliya Janjua, Director, Client Services, Advent Software



“Melissa brings warmth, expertise, and a genuine passion for helping people to her negotiation workshops. I appreciated her conscientious approach and interest in understanding the situations attendees face every day in order to provide relevant information in a relatable way.” 

“I found the session and insights it generated to be extremely valuable.”

“I HIGHLY enjoyed Melissa Hereford’s negotiation course—highly.”

“I loved today’s session on negotiations!!  Melissa was fantastic; super relatable with all of her anecdotes and the practicality around the simplicity of negotiations.”