Stop fixating on your weaknesses (video link inside!)

Things were not going well at work for Lara. She worked on a project team and when her boss left, the top job went to a woman who seemed to dislike Lara. The new boss started taking away assignments, giving them to others on the team with less experience. For Lara, it was brutal and painful to feel like she was losing ground in a job she had loved.

More and more often, she got a strong feeling that her boss was trying to figure out how to fire her.

This constant state of stress started to take it’s toll. It’s hard (impossible!) not to let self-doubt take over when it’s so obvious that things are getting worse every day.

It’s human nature, when things aren’t going well, to focus on your weaknesses and blame it on yourself.

Lara did just that.

She went from being outspoken and confident to fearful and doubting.

I can relate. I went through a similar period in my career that transformed me.

I talked about my story, how I went from confident to fearful to confident again in this episode of Isogo TV and podcast with Becky Hammond.

Listen/watch here

Becky works with Gallup’s Strengths Finder to help you “fuel marriage connection, parenting grace and work energy by focusing on your strengths instead of fixating on your weaknesses.” (I love that!)

I went through a Strengths Finder coaching program with another coach, Lisa Cummings, right when I was leaving my last job. In this interview, I share what that process was like to suddenly understand that my weaknesses weren’t what I should be focusing on. By understanding my strengths, I understood in a totally different way what I am good at and why I was unhappy at that job. 

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’re doubting yourself, I think you’ll find this interview helpful and insightful. It’s often not about you getting better at your weaknesses or blaming yourself or saying, “I’ll never be good enough!”

Once you understand your strengths, you can start looking for a job or create work where you’re operating from your strengths.

A few highlights from our conversation:

  • My journey from confident to fearful to confident again.
  • Becky randomly chooses a Dare To Dialogue card with a question that we both answer (the suspense is killing you, right?!)
  • The weird way that I relax when I’m stressed.
  • What to do when you’re suddenly not successful and stuck in a mental blame game or getting down on yourself.
  • How learning about your Strengths can shift your perspective and help you find your way forward so you don’t have to suffer for as long as I did.
  • How to use your strengths in your marriage, with specific examples of how Alan and I do it every day.

Listen/watch here

If this is your first introduction to Becky, she’s a-maz-ing. As acclaimed by fortune 500 companies in the medical and tech worlds and as loved by your regular neighborhood folks, Becky Hammond works with organizations and families to make relationships easier. In person or online, Becky provides personalized, custom experiences that use individual strengths to get results, work through conflict, and connect more deeply.

She hosts the Isogo TV Podcast {available on audio + video}, writes over at, and shares daily the rub of strengths-oriented work, marriage and parenting over on Instagram @isogostrong.

Your special treat for reading to the end and why I hate YouTube’s randomly generated screen shots…


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