I was trying to form a professional relationship with someone whose communication style was so different from my own that we were talking around each other rather than with each other. The relationship was so frustrating that I planned to turn down an otherwise incredible opportunity with the company to avoid having to work with this man.

Once I learned the visual model from Connector Conversations, I was able to clearly say what was so troubling about our communications and get clear about what I wanted to make the relationship work. The purposeful, meaningful alliteration in the model makes it easy to remember and easy to use as a guide. I have it in my head all the time now!
I was able to change the difficult relationship into one that works well enough for me to take that great opportunity that I would have otherwise turned down. It’s not perfect, but it was enough that he understands the problem and is willing to try.
– Kim W.



Melissa gave me the confidence and support I needed at the right moment. She gave me a mantra: ‘my perfect job is waiting for me’ and it was!

I have been happily employed for over 2 months now in a job I love!
Speaking to Melissa changed my mind-set to attract the perfect opportunity for ME.

– Annette L.

Executive Assistant, Asset Management


I had developed the habit of assuming what others wanted to hear and apologizing unnecessarily. Working with Melissa helped me to see how my over-apologizing was giving away my power and that I needed to not allow my fear of upsetting others to motivate me.

Now I remind myself to be mindful of my choices, and feel confident in what I am doing, without assuming where other people are coming from.

I learned to be curious, to ask rather than to jump to conclusions.

The roleplaying that we did was incredibly helpful as it prepared me for a challenging conversation with a colleague.

Working with Melissa increased my confidence and equipped me with strong communication skills to be more successful at work.

- Paula M.

Third Grade Teacher


Melissa helped me think differently about every conversation that I have at work. I feel more prepared for the negotiations I have every day with my peers, my clients, my boss and my team now.

- Firuze G.

Sr Dir of Marketing


Melissa helped me realize that the gender bias in my corporate job wasn’t just ME being overly sensitive, and I wasn’t crazy for noticing the differences.

Talking with Melissa increased my confidence because I wasn’t second guessing, it was just a fact.
That clarity helped me move past it and just accept it as something to be aware of, while also deepening my conviction that another job would suit me better because I wouldn’t feel as confined in my communication.
Melissa gave me the confidence to make a big move toward my dream, to focus on my own business (
– Genevieve M.

Founder, The Inertia Project


I was certain that I was ready for what was next in my work but I did not know exactly what that was. I had 8-years and a positive relationship with my boss that I wanted to keep whole as I was thinking about leaving.

Melissa helped me think through how to position that change with my boss so that she perceived my intention to move on as positive and I was able to keep that long term relationship intact.

Going into the conversation, I knew what the outcome was that I wanted but I needed to be purposeful in my approach and Melissa’s thoughtful questions and actively listening helped me get there.”

- Lisha Driscoll

Program Manager, Wealth Management Technology


Using the skills you taught me worked so well, and so easily, that it was almost unbelievable.

A long-standing client of mine asked me to change a certain way I communicated. Instead of getting defensive, or immediately caving in to their demands (a habit I’ve always had!), I followed what you taught me, took a deep breath, and got CURIOUS. I asked a question instead.

In the end my client told me, “Keep doing what you’ve always done!”

I am so grateful for the simplicity and efficacy of what you taught me; it’s made it possible for me to maintain my editorial (and personal!) integrity with this client, and empowered me to continue to use what you teach with my other clients. My next step is to ask my biggest client for a project increase: stay tuned!

– Ruth D.

Content Editor, Walmart eCommerce


Melissa helped me to build my skills through role plays and coaching. She’s extremely knowledgeable, wicked smart, engaging and authentic.

- Andi VW

Business Development Manager


Melissa helped me to organize my thoughts. She is so good at focusing the conversation and providing a way to communicate with confidence.

- Lyn O.

Course Graduates

“…courage to ask for what we want in a way that feels good to us.” 

This is an empowering and informative program that gives women the knowledge and strength and confidence and courage to ask for what we want in a way that feels good to us.

I took the class to support and empower myself in a career transition and to get more comfortable and ready for the interviewing and negotiating phase of a new job/career.

Now I don’t feel so alone in the way I have felt about confidence and asking for things in a new job situation.

- Ronna, V.

Title, Company

“The skills that I learned in this class are things I can use right away.” 

This class is my how-to guide for getting past my fear. Before, I could see my fear but I didn’t have the skills to work around it.

The skills that I learned in this class are things I can use right away to stop taking things personally, get my ideas across and to stop my mind going to negative assumptions.

I will set my goals higher and believe that I will achieve them. Instead of falling into my same old habits, I will walk down a different street* and not look back!

(*you’ll learn what walking down a different street means in Module 1!)

- Meghen K.


“Testimonial Hook.” 

Amazing quote

- Lisa, J.

Pilates Instructor/Studio Owner, Company

“I felt Confident after learning the skills”

Before I took this class, I hoped that I would be recognized for the work I was doing.
After the class, I made a proposal to the new hiring manager to get the job, the title and the pay raise! The class shifted my view on how I was going to approach the situation at work. I got insights that I wouldn’t have been able to come up with on my own. I was able to be calm in the moment, feel confident, able to be curious and listen…these were all things that helped me go into multiple situations and meetings where I was negotiating or trying to figure out the lay of the land. I felt confident after learning the skills!
- K. S.


“I got exactly what I asked for!” 

I used your negotiation course and got exactly what I asked for.

- Celeste J.

Customer Experience Specialist, Wells Fargo


“…it was obvious [Melissa] had years of expertise training on the topic of negotiations. ” 

When Melissa presented recently at the VenturePad, it was obvious she had years of expertise training on the topic of negotiations. At the same time, the insights and tools she shared were fresh and easy to pick up. It was fun, engaging, and I’ve already used her approach to successfully navigate my toughest collaborative partnerships.

- Michael Giotis

Program Director, VenturePad

“Melissa is a dynamic, engaging and authentic speaker…” 

Melissa is a dynamic, engaging and authentic speaker with the unique ability to: deliver valuable content, experiential activities and immediately actionable insights; mirror back/clarify what she hears to engage everyone in the conversation, and keep a group focused while allowing space for organic fun and laughter to develop.
Melissa is dependable and a consummate professional — a tremendously valuable speaker and facilitator.
- Wendy B.

Principal Consultant, Corporate Visions, Inc.

“Her sessions are highly engaging and exciting!”

I highly recommend Melissa to any team that needs negotiating with external and internal partners. She gives you tools and structure to help put her methods into action! My team had used Melissa multiple times and we’ve received fantastic feedback from our team after each session. Her sessions are highly engaging and exciting!
- Matthew Hellinger

Director of Market Development, Unum

“Melissa worked with me and quickly became a trusted colleague.” 

Melissa is a gifted facilitator and coach. As if by magic she knows just how to ask the right question to get a group or individual to unlock new growth. But it’s not magic, it’s skill and experience. Melissa worked with me and quickly became a trusted colleague. I came to depend on her judgement and innovation. I look forward to working with her again.
- William Hall

Senior Director, Stand and Deliver

“Testimonial Hook.” 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Melissa on many communications training sessions with a wide variety of clients. She brings her deep knowledge of business, particularly negotiations, from her years working with Fortune 500 companies along with her genuine love of connecting with people. Her writing skills have honed her ability to powerfully and briefly find the right words to express complex ideas.
- Jeff Razz

Senior Director, Stand & Deliver

“[Melissa is]…a compelling speaker and facilitator.” 

I’ve worked with Melissa across many industries, and her intelligence, warmth and sly sense of humor make her one my most cherished colleagues. She’s incisive in her coaching, and a compelling speaker and facilitator. Working with Melissa, ideas multiply quickly and no stone is left unturned. She is committed to diversity, inclusion and excellence in every room I’ve seen her lead. I give her my highest recommendation.
- Carrie Paff

Director, Stand and Deliver

“Melissa… created a workshop for us that was exactly what we needed.” 

As the leader of a fast growing company and diverse team, I asked Melissa to help us explore the value of our strengths and how we can communicate more effectively. Melissa listened to our challenges and created a workshop for us that was exactly what we needed. It was interactive and insightful without any fluff. She was able to draw out even our quietest team members in a way that felt inclusive. Even the most skeptical participants commented that it was worth the time and they learned something about themselves and their coworkers. I will definitely be bringing her back for additional skill building in the near future and recommending her to my peers.

- Monica Pluemer

VP of Marketing, DHC USA, Inc.

“…this was the first time I walked away with tangible advice I could immediately use” 

Melissa spoke to a group of women at our mBolden event in San Francisco. She did a fantastic job keeping the audience engaged the entire time. I have attended many talks on negotiation, yet this was the first time I walked away with tangible advice I could immediately use. I know the rest of the women in the room were equally motivated by Melissa, they were constantly asking questions and engaging with her throughout the workshop. She did a great job answering everyone’s questions, keeping the energy up, and the conversation going. I would highly recommend Melissa for any speaking event!

- Sima Saadat

Marketing & Partnerships, General Assembly

Melissa brings warmth, expertise, and a genuine passion for helping people” 

Melissa brings warmth, expertise, and a genuine passion for helping people to her negotiation workshops. I appreciated her conscientious approach and interest in understanding the situations attendees face every day in order to provide relevant information in a relatable way.

- Kathryn Kilner

Marketing Strategy and Innovation, Salesforce

“If you have a chance to have Melissa speak for your event, don’t pass it up” 

I could listen to and learn from Melissa all day long! She tells stories and shares examples that immediately resonate and captivate. There is no question that she is a deep expert in her field yet her style is so warm and approachable. If you have a chance to have Melissa speak for your event, don’t pass it up. You and your audience will be delighted by her!

- Michelle Barry Franco


“[Melissa] is an expert at navigating complex group dynamics to bring out a richness of information and strong participation” 

Greatness in facilitation is an art and a practice. Melissa is supremely skilled at both. She is intentionally curious and dedicated to helping others share their points of view truthfully and respectfully. I have participated in a number of group discussions that Melissa has facilitated over the years, and so appreciate the way she draws people into conversations with her terrific questioning and listening skills. Her energy is engaging, warm and insightful, and she is an expert at navigating complex group dynamics to bring out a richness of information and strong participation. I highly recommend Melissa as a top notch facilitator.

– Beth Craig

Founder and Executive Consultant, Craig Communications

“Melissa is an expert facilitator, teacher, coach, and consultant” 

Melissa is an expert facilitator, teacher, coach, and consultant. She exemplifies mastery of her teaching material in the classroom and brings it to life through story telling and relatable examples. She uses the participant’s real world experiences to create a learning environment that is relevant and personal to her audience.

Melissa manages group and personality dynamics with ease, is tuned into the subtle dynamics of diverse classrooms, and ensures inclusivity by drawing even seemingly unwilling people into the shared experience. There is never a doubt that when Melissa is teaching she exceeds the clients expectations and, most importantly, her participants are provided with tools and knowledge that is immediately applicable to their real world.

– Cheryl Geoffrion

Vice President of Consulting Services, Corporate Visions

“She wanted to make sure that the audience was engaged and was getting the most value out of her content” 

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Melissa Hereford on two occasions and in each experience, I was impressed with Melissa’s professionalism as a speaker, trainer and coach. Melissa is as real as it gets and her authenticity truly comes out.

Melissa Hereford recently presented a live workshop on “Negotiating with Confidence” to our Advent Women’s group. Not only did Melissa deliver extremely valuable content to the workshop attendees, Melissa was exceptional at connecting with the audience before, during and after the event. She wanted to make sure that the audience was engaged and was getting the most value out of her content. She has great follow through. Even after the workshop was over, she reached out to group with additional resources.

– Aliya Janjua

Director, Client Services, Advent Software


  • Meghan was passed over for inclusion onto an influential leadership team. She felt she could add tremendous value to the team and was confused why she wasn’t invited. Instead of silently fuming about it, as she would have done in the past, Meghan learned how to ask what the selection criteria was and how to tell her boss that she was interested in being included.
  • Gen was the only woman in her department and constantly being called, “honey” and “sweetheart.” She felt that if she spoke up, she’d be labeled the “b” word or worse, so she went home mad every day instead of speaking up. Gen learned how to change that dynamic. She learned what to say and how to say it so that she can ask for what she wants without being labeled negatively.
  • Paula had fallen into the common habit of apologizing for everything at work. When a colleague asked her even a simple question, “Paula, what are you doing for this project?” she immediately went into apologizing mode, assuming that the colleague was asking because she had done something wrong, “I’m sorry, are you waiting for me to finish that?” She didn’t know why she did it or how to stop herself. She learned that apologizing was giving away her power and that powerless people are more likely to be scorned, creating a negative cycle. She learned how to reclaim her power and to replace apologies with clarifying questions.
  • Kim was negotiating for a big new job. She had a sense of what she wanted but didn’t know how to structure her conversation to get it. Kim learned how to get clear about what she wanted and then how to uncover what’s important to the other person. She also learned how to clearly talk about why she was the best person for the job and she did it in a way that appealed directly to the person she was negotiating with.